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Salman group is one of the biggest leading organisations in Egypt market. It established in 1999. We began with only five employees. Then, expanded more to be come 58 employee.

The group has four subsidiaries:-

1- Free Trade Egypt
An import and export company. Free Trade Egypt has succeeded in a very brief time to gain its place among the biggest ingredients suppliers for many producers in egypt.
We gain our customer`s trust by cooperating with world leading manufacturers of raw ingredients and chemicals.
The company vision is to follow new world innovations and present up-to-date breakthroughs; leading the market to healthier, more natural and more convenient suggestions supported by knowledge and experience.
The company has increased its capital and became a shareholding company in 2018. We manage our business through three branches located in: Cairo, Elbeheira and Ismailia.
Rather than the registered pharmaceutical and food warehouses, we have two big warehouses with an area of 3800 CBM each.
The company has its own cars to facilitate the delivery of cargo to our customers all over Egypt.

2- Norechem Factory
The factory was an extension to our success in feild of agri-chemicals. The factory provides products and formulations that serve the agri-sectors and farmers.

3- Ekmek
Ekmek is our customs clearance company. We have a very profissional clearance team who can end his mission very quickly and effeciently.

4- Egychem
It`s speciallized in public sector tenders and government companies sales.


Sales Network

Our sales network covers a large part of Egypt. We offer all of our Products based on a network of local agents, assisted by our sales and technical staff.

Delivery Process

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Awards & Recognition

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